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Business Baby

Congratulations on the arrival of your soul sucking parasite🎆🎆

It will find a way to spend every last dollar you have on the latest and greatest gimmick sold by the Gurus that come at you like a 1-2 punch with screams of “trust me, this is the way”!

…and then one day, you will find your way.

…but 1st:

Sleep deprivation: Oh, you thought you knew exhaustion before?

Business Baby Talk: KPI, CTA, CRM, EBITDA, SLA… and then the swear words will start like CRA & IRS.

Living with a tiny dictator: demanding of your attention 24/7.

Master of the “WHY”: to the point you would rather have your annual check up performed by Edward Scissor hands then go through another mind map.

Business Body: MY FEET! I can no longer see my feet!

Parent Teacher Interviews: yet another D+ given by Mr. Algorithm with notes of, “Little Johnny would be an amazing student if he listened more than he talked. Oh, and he needs to watch his language!”

Fundraising Efforts: ah, the gathering of all the parents in one massive hall; miles of tables reeking of hopes that someone will buy.

Bake Sale: The worst! You choking back the tears as you get the “side-eye” from the Business Babes as you place your store-bought cupcakes beside the Season 3 finalists of “Cupcake Wars”.

Artistic Flair: Every wall in your house will become a canvas. Every business condiment out there will be mixed together weekly to create the next “magic potion”.

Late-night Existential talks: Suddenly, your baby is now a philosopher searching for the deeper meaning of life and you are the sounding board.

Then that day will come.

You will see your Baby on stage receiving the highest award possible.

You will recognize your eyes, your style, your candor, your humor, your drive – everything you love.

Only you will see the faded scars acting as the finest details which make a masterpiece.

Everyone is screaming, Congratulations!!!

You smile, shake hands, and think:

“If you only knew how many times I was screwed to create this Business Baby”😂

Find the I

Find the Calm

Live in Your Defined Success.


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