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My Approach

To Inspire and to be Inspired; words I live by.

My approach to coaching incorporates a unique Athletic and Sr. Exec. Leadership perspective, drawing on decades of experience which has taken me to World stages. My methods have been tried and tested, proving effective for the individuals I champion. With a background in mentoring, training small business teams, facilitating seminars, and accumulating over 26,000 professional coaching hours, I am the expert in guiding ambitious individuals to reach their peak performance.

I encourage you to "Find the I" and "Find the Calm." Just like an athlete searching for their inner strength and focus, you are urged to look inward, discover your true self, and determine your genuine desires. I know that by diving into the "I" of the storm, you will find the calm that propels past the plateaus experienced by every high-achiever.

My coaching philosophy challenges the conventional notion of success, urging you to stop conforming to a single path and instead carve out your own journey. Tuning out external noise and opinions, you find direction from within, unlocking your true potential.

The core principles of my coaching philosophy are encapsulated in the mantra: "Create in wonderment, Align with structure, Lead with wisdom, and Master your authority." These principles form the foundation of all divisions within The Approach Coaching Method, reflecting my behavioral and athletic approach to coaching for sustained success.


The Tables I Sit At

Vetted Business Development Coach for 3 National Businesses

Vetted Business Development Coach for 2 Global Businesses

Thought Leadership content on Global L&D Business Platforms

Designed Business Development Programs for 2 Advisory Models

Advisory Council for 3 Global Financial Institutions, & 2 Tech Start-ups

Numerous Testimonials and Letters of Recommendation

Countless Achievement Awards, Business and Athletics

Community Advocate & Fund Programs for Youth at Risk

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Pleased to Meet You.
I'm Your Coach, Kim Skermer

When recently interviewed, I loved the 6 questions they asked me so much that I decided to share my responses with you!

1) What is the weirdest item on your desk?

I have an Elmo mic cover.  I love it! It is a piece of my childhood, a reminder to stay young and silly.  Very functional too!

2) What makes you stand out from your competitors?

I am very intuitive. Being so, I see solutions and deliver the "how to get there" in a very relatable way. I believe that everyone best succeeds with a personalized approach - starting with understanding behaviors and phycology. 

3) What do you consider your greatest personal achievement?

Overcoming the trauma and grief that came along with losing my once known identity as a high performing athlete due to a crippling injury. It was messy, difficult, gut-wrenching, and when all said and done, freeing... if that makes any sense. 

4) What is the one quality you most admire in a person?

The ability to be truly authentic.

5) If you were to be known for one thing, what do you want it to be?

I want to be that one person who was there for a complete stranger in their time of need. They won't know my name, but they will forever remember that one lady that was there for them. There is something so romantic and true in that thought for me. That wish grounds how I show up in this world.

6) What is your most treasured possession? 

I have carried around a personally made card from "Popsicle Pete" for over 20yrs. Pete was a homeless man who I met outside a Tim's. I bought him lunch and we ate our food together. After lunch he ran out to his bike, grabbed his bag and asked me to sit and wait while he made me something. It was a card - filled with scribbled quotes of joy and childish stickers. I will never ever give that up. I guess that is why I have such a strong desire to be that person for another, as Pete was there for me.

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