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1on1 Coaching

Beyond all the noise, chatter, and opinions, there is a place. A Calm place found by diving into "I" of the storm and find the calm that will propel you beyond the plateaus experienced by every high-achiever.

As a Coach rooted in high performance, I am the one right beside you that knows when to push, pull back, or participate. 

I am not here to make Millions. I am here to Help Millions. #findthecalm #bigwork

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Join a Cohort

Elevate your performance, achieve your goals, and unlock new levels of success alongside like-minded individuals. Each "Tap In, Step-Up & Stand-Out" Cohort is specifically designed to achieve your foundational process, and leave you with a structured to evolve from year after year.

  • build your weekly tasks to drive results

  • creation of simplified weekly review process that keeps you on track

  • drive accountability and explore diverse perspectives 

  • hosted in real-time and access to 1on1 coaching discussions


Business Retreat

Imagine having the opportunity to spend a Week with the top experts!

Gaining personalized access to an intensive Business Branding & Planning event where you will walk away with EVERYTHING you came to achieve done!

Once a year, I host an intimate event alongside my vetted partnerships.

  • Marketing Assets, Videos, Headshots, PR

  • Branded content copy, Web design, Business Plan

  • Mindset, Personal Development, and more...

All while you enjoy the breathtaking shores & sunsets of Lake Huron.


My Three Tiered Approach

Thought-Based Services

All successful plans have an order of implementation.  When mapping out the progression of your business, it becomes apparent that additional resources are needed to complement your aspirations.  With a thought-based approach, the heavy lifting starts with engaging in Business Coaching.  Once we have your framework, it is imperative to partner with outside experts to support your initiatives.  IT, HR, community, self development, and mindset - to name a few.  Taking all elements into account around what supports a successful business model, I believe a thought-based, collaborative expert approach is best.

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