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Your Branding.

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Your Branding. When asked for my greatest piece of advice when it comes to branding – Branding is the REWARD for all the hard, honest, raw, and focused work that comes with Planning. Real Planning. Planning that marries all the structure, direction, and purpose. Planning that involves someone that is um, err, well... not you alone, your spouse, your family, or friends.

Coaching for over 20yrs, a common trait I find right out of the gate; most head straight to the fun & sexy parts – Branding! Specifically, the logo which many see as the sole piece of their Brand. I do not blame them for 1 second. As a diehard creative, I get it!

Here is my warning. When one does not spend quality time in the realm of pinpointing their ideal clientele, personality style preferences, the medium in which your target seek messages, the language they relate to, and more – your efforts spent creating will have a drastically muted desired result. Then enters in the doubting, frustration, banging that beautiful head of yours, spending unnecessary dollars on “magic pill programs”, driving your close ones batty because you have become an “askhole”, and so on. All this and more because you are blinded by your idea.

I will leave you with something that has helped me and many clients in the past. Some relate better to the language of “Image” vs “Brand”. This was a HUGE discovery for myself when working with my Coach on a launch. I was stumped. Creative block. Wishy washy. Magic happened when he said, “Image”

Food for thought on few core elements Branding feeds:









… and more

Cheers Friends & I look forward to sharing more of "The Approach" with you.

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