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YOU - the driven achiever standing at the threshold of your potential, hungry for more than the status quo, always asking yourself, "how can I do this better?" 
Don't settle for a cookie-cutter success story. This is your invitation to create a masterpiece of your own.

Find the I.
Find the Calm.

Rules of the game are not different from person to person - the way you play the game is.

- Kim Skermer

Making you a mirror image of me would mean I have failed you.

- the most famous philosopher, Anonymous

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Coaching Canada & USA

"When you come across a real coach, you know it! Kim is that real coach. She is also one of the most engaging, authentic and powerful speakers I have witnessed. Her personality mixed with her vast experience makes her one of the most sought after speakers and coaches out there.", Matt Halloran 

"Kim defines so much of what we’ve seen the world get away from … being real, authentic, genuinely committed to moving goals forward … while we happen to benefit from her work largely in the financial services space, her messages go beyond what we do to what any business professional should be doing!!
It’s a breath a fresh air to see her vision growing to someone who has put in the BIG WORK to get it done! I am excited to be part of the journey.", Erin Meisner

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