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Little Things = Big Things

Let’s take a look at Calendar Booking Links.

The place for a prospect to schedule a Discovery Chat; that 1st interaction you work so hard to get.

What may you do to make the most of this experience?

… because every move you make in Business is curating the experience.

I asked this question to a group of Advisory based Business Owners when speaking to “Operating within Efficiencies and Intent.”

Responses came back such as:

“creative, catchy link titles”

“structured timeframes as to when to have discovery conversations – AKA time blocking”

“housing the link in an area that is easily found”

“well, um, err, fix not having a calendar link in the 1st place…”

“I’ve been told by experts to only offer a max of 30mins for initial conversations”

All are interesting insights to explore. I will dive into those another time.

For now, I will shed some light on helping you gather intelligence and build on the experience right from the moment a prospect clicks “schedule a chat”.

Continually ask good questions! This is the foundation of ANY Advisory based Business. Take the opportunity to start the next phase of the relationship off right.

Build on the efforts you already put forward in order get them to this point.

How do we do this?

I suggest having 2 questions listed within your scheduling link.

Simply, give them the chance to tell you why they are scheduling and how they found you.

For example:

1) “What is the one thing you feel I need to know about you?”

a. What questions are powerful. They trigger thought.

b. You will gain a snippet of their personality.

c. They may start to reveal their “Pains, problems, needs or gaps”

d. By making the questions “not required” may uncover “tire kickers”

e. You may discover earlier than later that you are unable to assist.

2) “How did you discover The Approaching Coaching Method?”

a. Keep gathering data as to where / how prospects find you.

b. You will get the opportunity to thank your “raving fan”

c. You start seeing patterns that will help you niche down.

d. You get insight as to how long they have been investing in you.

From the example, do you see any improvement opportunities on how you may personally enhance your experience?

Do you see alignment within your current efforts?

Intention backed by action will equal outcome; even something that may seem as basic as a Calendar Booking Link.

What does your Unique Value Proposition have to do with this?

When we develop and lead within our UVP, there is gold everywhere! Following and carrying the elements across all pillars of your business is critical. This is how we create consistency with clarity.

When creating your Calendar Booking Link, refer back to your UVP. By keeping aligned to the Target Market you have identified, understanding their Pains, Problems, Needs, Gaps, and use language that resonates with them, you have taken steps to enhance the client experience. You have brought both of you closers to YES.

Remember, Advisory based Business needs to be a mutually beneficial relationship for it to be successful and withstanding disruption.

For privacy reasons, I will use my process to support this discussion.

Booking landing page & link title:

I always look forward to connecting with amazing, smart people. Where we go from there, that is up to us. Cheers!

- Simply put: my target clients are deep thinkers, open to exploring options, takes the time to research their decisions, have a positive outlook, witty, not guarded, and believe in mutually beneficial relationships.

“Time with Kim”

- …because that is what it is. Don’t get fancy but keep your personality.

Questions to complete the booking:

- Refer back to the example I stated previously. Those are my questions.

- I cannot express enough how this process has helped with my business – my Advisory based business and the ones I have Coached around this element.

Intention backed by action will equal outcome.

Intention = keep all interactions consistent with your Brand.

Action = make it easy to find and navigate. This is a booking link, not an intake form.

Outcome = more appointments, better insights, and consistency .

Who knew such little things would lead to big things?

… the top 4%, that’s who.

Cheers to going "Beyond the Product™️" we sell my friends!

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